Helmet Inner Cooling Cap


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Enjoy the COOLEST, FRESHEST helmet wearing / workout experience!Helmet Inner Cooling Cap is made of ultra breathable polyester microfiber fabric, drawing greater perspiration away from the skin and ensure faster evaporation, thus reducing >20% inner temperature to keep you cooler and regulate body heat even under extreme hot weathers.
Also eliminates odor trapped inside helmets and prevents from bacteria growth.Advanced moisture-wicking fabric absorbs and rapidly wick away sweat under extreme sports.
Highly recommended to be worn under athlete helmets and hard construction hats. Maximum flexibility and comfort is achieved throughout the garment for optimal fit, movement and comfort.


MAXIMIZE COOLING EFFECT Made of breathable polyester microfiber fabric, which effectively draws greater perspiration away from the skin to keep you cooler and regulate your body heat.
QUICK SWEAT-WICKING Quick-drying fabric helps wick away moisture and reduce sweat build-up. Your helmet liner will be cleaner than ever before! SUN PROTECTION Protects your head from 97.5% of UVA and UVB rays.
FITS YOUR HEAD PERFECT The lightweight and ultra stretchy material makes this cap snugly fit but not too tight! ELIMINATES ODOR Superior anti-bacterial technology eliminates odor and keep you fresh during periods of activity and rest.
HELMET-FRIENDLY Can be worn under bicycle, motorcycle and safety helmets to keep you cool while avoiding headaches caused by wind. MESS-FREE Holds your hair in place and keeps hair looking good after several hours of wearing a helmet.
FOR ANY OUTDOOR ACTIVITY Ideal for cycling, motorbiking, skiing, camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. – Suitable for women and men.



  • – Material: Polyester Microfiber Fabric
  • – Size: 15 x 22cm (Free size)
  • – Type: Unisex PACKAGE INCLUDES:
  • – 1 x Helmet Inner Cooling Cap
  • – Couleur: null
  • – Motif: null
  • – Taille: null


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